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How do I get rid of bindweed in a flower garden


By Pageo

United Kingdom Gb

I have moved house and have a beautiful flower garden but it has a lot of bindweed,,,,,,any suggestions?



Oh dear - we do get asked this a lot. Bindweed is a horrible weed to get rid of. My 'ploy' is to place canes where the strands come up, let the bindweed climb the cane then paint the tips and leaves with a mix of wallpaper paste and weedkiller. This is to make it stay on the bindweed and NOT on precious plants.

Otherwise, if you have an area with no plants, dig, dig and more dig, then put black plastic sheets down to smother any more growth. I expect you know that a tiny piece of root can re-grow.

20 May, 2009


Thank you will try that

20 May, 2009


Agree with Spritz, though I've discovered digging it out only works well if you've got really light, dry, sandy soil, when you can pull gently and get out yards of roots. I usually paint or spray the growth on the canes I've put in for it with glyphosphate, but it's a forever job, I'm afraid.

20 May, 2009


i pull it up when ever i see it. then come august i let it climb up canes and then wearing rubber gloves with cotton gloves overtop i dip my hands in glycophosphate and stroke the leaves. the wk is taken to the underground storage and kills it over winter.

20 May, 2009


read the method from Bry84 from england on removing bindweed (morning glory family; Liseron in French) here:
it is the best method so far:


14 Jul, 2012


I'm afraid your link doesn't work - pity, I'd have liked to read it. :-(

15 Jul, 2012

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