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my grandson is eight and he would love to grow some tomotos but last year we lost them and he was so unhappy i was wondering if it would be better to get them for the hanging baskets. im not to good in garden so need something simple to show him what it is like to grow things

On plant the small red very juicy tomotos



Last year I planted some 'Tumbling tom' cherry tomato plants and although the weather was not great they cropped well and did not suffer any disease. I planted them in some tall containers but they are equally ok in hanging baskets. I did not grow them from seed but bought them as small plants for 75p each from my local garden centre. Good luck.

20 May, 2009


Last year and the year before was dreadful for tomatoes. I lost all mine too and for years past I have been giving them away by the bagful as we have had more than we can eat. Everyone on my allotment site (270 plots) had the same problem - the dull wet summer was just perfect for tomato blight. Try again. "Ferline" is supposed to resisit blight but I have no experience of it. My favourite is "Sweet 1 Million" - lots of small but delicious tomatoes.

20 May, 2009


thank you for the sdvice i will take note of all you have said

22 May, 2009

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