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Can anyone tell what I am doing wrong. I know this isn't a gardening question as such but here goes. When I like a question and it has liked at the bottom even though I click on it doesn't change from say 16 to 17 am I just thick or what



Hi, Irene
I didn't think it was possible to 'Like' a question, but maybe I am missing something here. You can click it on blogs or photos, though. Maybe - and this is just a thought - the new number won't appear until the page is refreshed? Sorry not to be more helpful.

25 Jun, 2012


Its a shame we cannot like a question or an answer as some of the answers are so good.......

25 Jun, 2012


OK I think it must have been on the blog page but thanks anyway

25 Jun, 2012


It doesn't seem to happen instantly for me either for some reason but it does register when I go back later

25 Jun, 2012


i think Goy is staging its own work to rule, I have comments disappearing into the wide blue yonder, and once again my homepage is behaving like a stroppy teenager and only does things in it own good time ,according to the site the answer I keep getting when trying to update my plantlist is "Oops can`t find this page" LOL....
So No Irene you are not thick...

26 Jun, 2012


Thank very much it's nice to know I am not going senile yet

27 Jun, 2012

How do I say thanks?

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