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Wisteria As A Tree.

I have 4 wisterias in my garden and the one in question has developed a lovely shape, the branches are starting to hang and bough really nice. I was going to get hubby to build some sort of high arch so that it could grow along the top of it and meet up with the clematis at the other side but at the moment I am really liking it the way it is, so I was wondering is it hard to grow it like a tree and what do I do and as it is right next to the gate as you walk in the garden do you think it is in the wrong place to do this? I have a really small garden but evidently should not shy away from big plants as its supposed to make the garden look bigger, all advice is really appreciated. I have uploaded some pictures of the space, I dont mind if people have to walk round a tree to get to the house lol. Many thanks.

Wisteria_as_a_tree_003 Wisteria_as_a_tree_006 Wisteria_as_a_tree_005



It does look lovely as it is doesn't it. I've seen them trained as a standard but don't recollect seeing wisteria as a tree. I guess you could try it.

25 Jun, 2012


I've never done it myself, but a friend of mine had one in her front garden, in the ground, with a solid fence post thickness support with strong wires to which the wisteria was tied periodically. It flowered regularly, but she was ruthless with it, she'd hack it back severely after flowering, and took what she fancied off it whenever she felt like it - and it still flowered every year. She kept it to 2 main stems, though, which eventually got to be thickish trunks, and topped those, so that only laterals (side shoots) were growing - and she'd chop those off when they were in the way. So in other words, she broke all the 'rules' and it worked anyway. Give it a go Marion - let us know how you get on.

25 Jun, 2012


Thanks, I will try and see how I get on although my hubby is itching for me to cut the new shoots off as it wafts him in the face when he walks by lol.

25 Jun, 2012


Looks like someone's very handy with the woodworking skills - noticed that your tree fern has been accommodated very nicely :-)

25 Jun, 2012


Yes Julie, as my garden is mostly decked, I keep driving my hubby to despair, I am always asking him to put holes in it to plant new stuff but I have finally ran out of space... We have a grassy part beyond the gate next to the driveway and I have now asked him to extend the fence so that the garden can be slightly bigger, I dont know if I will get that wish though lol

26 Jun, 2012


I'm now using pester power to get a laburnum/wisteria tunnel structure...he may as well give in sooner than later ha ha! Good luck with your garden extension campaign :-)

26 Jun, 2012


Julie, what is Pester Power, I just googled it but could not find anything.

27 Jun, 2012


Hi M. Just returned from Hull/Sheffield so catching up on my messages :-) Your google must be male if it doesn't want you to discover pester power :-D Mine must be female as it provided millions of links ha ha!

1 Jul, 2012

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