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My questions are coming thick and fast today! What a fantastic website.
I have two mature Ornamental Silver Pear trees in my garden. They are planted side by side. One always has the beautiful fragrant flowers followed by the fruit. The other has neither. I am wondering if they are male and female??? I am wondering about removing the one which doesn't flower as it is a poor shape and in the way. Will I still get the flowers on the other?



Hi melanie, I have one silver pear and it flowers and fruits well, so i guess they can go it alone

24 Jun, 2012


No, not male and female, these trees. Sounds like the one which doesn't flower just isn't very well - removing it won't stop the other one flowering and fruiting. The only thing to be careful of is that you don't damage the roots of the healthy one when removing the sick one...

24 Jun, 2012


Sorry, crossed, Jenfren...

24 Jun, 2012


Thanks both Bamboo and Jenfren. Just what I wanted to hear!

24 Jun, 2012

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