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I'm looking for the best garden shredder to deal with tree pruning; the garden is huge, so it needs to be one with a large capacity.
How long does it take on average before the knives go blunt and is it possible to sharpen them again?



A normal garden shredder will shred branches up to about 1" thick, it shreds them quite small, if by tree prunings, you mean largish branches, then you will need a commercial sized shredder that you can feed complete branches into, these shred to a quite large chunk, and are very expensive, but if you have a large number of trees to prune heavily, then it maybe worthwhile to buy a second hand one, and resell it when you,ve finished with it.
Yes the blades on a garden shredder can be sharpened, the larger ones tend to have a sort of roller with large pointed chunks of metal, I presume these can be replaced, Derek.

24 Jun, 2012

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