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Should my Pulmonaria look this way?

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Is it normal and healthy? Does a Pulmonaria usually look like this at this time of year? Do the leaves not usually look more attractive than this? Is there anything I need to do to it, such as cutting off this set of stems and leaves? Any advice much appreciated.




Looks like it's in a pot? Maybe it dried out, but pulmonaria (along with a lot of other perennials) can look dreadful once it's coming to the end of its flowering time - you often get brown, crunchy areas and the plant generally looks quite tatty. It's exhaustion from the flowering! As long as its not too dry (they like damp soil), then you can trim it over a bit if you want, and leave it to recover naturally, give it a bit of a feed with some sort of nitrogenous feed like growmore or miracle gro or something.

19 May, 2009


Yes, perfectly normal. The books advise cutting off the old leaves as they can suffer from mildew.


19 May, 2009


Aaah! Many thanks to you both. I will cut the old leaves off then and hope the plant replaces them with some nicer ones. It is in fact growing in a two foot wide half barrel tub, in full shade, so always nice and damp and never dries out. I gave it some Osmocote granules earlier in the spring, so should be fed OK. Best wishes.

19 May, 2009

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