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How does one successfully germinate Solanum dulcamara seeds (Bittersweet, Woody nightshade)?


By Mattyd

Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom Gb

Have tried chilling, soaking, and chilling and soaking before sowing. Have tried germination at 5, 18 and 22 degrees C., covered and uncovered, in darkness and in light. Have tried two different batches of seed from different suppliers and still no joy. Any advice gratefully accepted (apart from "give up"). These plants are needed for a PhD project.



I can't answer your question, having never tried to grow it. What fascinates me is that it should apparently be so difficult - I've spent the last 20 years hauling them out in various gardens where they've germinated and grown themselves. Enigma. Sorry I can't help.

25 May, 2009


Thinking about it, have you tried just chucking them on some friable soil outside, watering and waiting?

25 May, 2009

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