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By Marion1

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Clematis Bicolor.

This is a new addition in my garden planted last Autumn, will the flowers open up to reveal the purple centres as I had 2 flowers last year and they remained like the following photos, I put this down to it being Autumn. These are pictures taken yesterday.




I rather think, although I'm not a clematis expert, that bicolor is a description rather than a variety, for example my Nelly Moser is classed as a bicolor because of its two shades of pink. Whatever type you have there, my guess is that given enough sunshine (this year? lol) they will open up and when they do you could post another picture and somebody knowledgeable about them will identify the variety for you. As they have only been in a few months they may be slow developing so even if they are not really good this year don't worry, just wait a year or two.

24 Jun, 2012


Probaly the cold and wet hasnt helped, are these in the shade ??probably need sunshine like we all do


24 Jun, 2012


I just googled this plant - what a lovely thing it is when in flower. As you say, Marion, the cool conditions may well be the cause - if other flowers open later (if the weather warms up) and they're normal, then its a passing thing. Hard to say if they'll have the purple centres - the greening may affect the whole flower.

24 Jun, 2012


Wait for a few more days - I think the flowers haven't fully opened yet. Yours are ahead of mine - my flowers are still in bud

24 Jun, 2012


Thank you everyone, I am just too impatient I think.....

25 Jun, 2012

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