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Why will my Magnolia (Susan) not flower?


By Gibbo

United Kingdom Gb

It is now two years old and I mulch every autumn but only one bud appears and does not open properly



Hi Gibbo...I have the same problem as you.... this is the third year for my "susan" and no sign of flowers, i have it growing in a large pot, so if anyone could help plezeeeee...:>)

18 May, 2009


Is your soil acidic? If not that could be the problem... Position too if it gets frosted. What are you mulching with?

Motinot trees really prefer to be in the ground if poss. rather than a pot...

18 May, 2009


Some Magnolias wait for a few years before they decide to flower, I'm afraid. You will have to be patient. I agree with Moon grower - pots are not for Magnolias!

18 May, 2009

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