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How can I get rid of this weed on my lawn


By Geoffo

Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

This is a helpful forum - I wonder if you can advise me on this weed on my lawn. I have a lot of moss and this knotted weed, which has tiny little yellow flowers. I have sprinkled 'Granular Lawn Feed, Weed & Mosskiller' which turns the moss black. I'm able to rake the moss off, but the weed remains untouched. Is there any way of removing it, other than tearing out each individual clump?




The trouble is that most proprietary weed and feed for lawns can only use very restricted weedkillers - most of the effective ones we had 15/20 years ago have been banned! Not sure what that is in the lawn, but, if you're really keen to clear it, you could try painting glyphosphate gel on it, but that'd be a labour of love, for sure. Repeat applications every six weeks of weed and feed for lawns might eventually make some difference.

21 May, 2009

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