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Having grown sweet peas for many years and having varying results (they never really flourish and bloom as I'd like) I find that this year I have grown, from seed, what look like very healthy robust plants, but they are not flowering at all with buds that turn yellow and drop off. They are planted out, in the ground and in the same place with added compost. What am I doing wrong? Also if this is due to the weather what tips do you have for next year?



When I update my blog on sweet pea, I'll mention "bud drop" as for me too, it is a bad year for it.
No real answer as to why some years it happens, can be the variety, can be type of soil, most likely to be climatic.
I've got 130 plants that look very strong and have not picked a bunch yet. Normally' I'd have cut several hundred.
They do grow out of it and I have some very good ones about to flower in the next week or so, so don't panic.
Just one of those things.

23 Jun, 2012

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