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What on earth is this, growing on my camelia???




I think that is a camelia gall that has burst..Yes it is.

I hope it helps.

21 Jun, 2012


Looks rude to me...

21 Jun, 2012


At first glance it looked like a chicken. I'll go with Pimpernel.

21 Jun, 2012


yep it is a gall of some sort .

camellia gall is as good a suggestion since its on a camellia :o)

21 Jun, 2012


Was I the only one? sorry...

21 Jun, 2012


Thanks everyone - I checked the link to the rhs website and there it was - thanks Pimpernel. Nice to know it's neither poisonous nor pornographic!

22 Jun, 2012


LOL.... You've a mucky mind Sterra :0))

22 Jun, 2012


Sorry, can't help it.

22 Jun, 2012


i too had those thoughts but i a trying to be a lady ;o)

22 Jun, 2012


I'm impressed SG!

23 Jun, 2012

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