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Re Lemon Tree
My year old lemon tree is not looking too well. The leaves have light yellow marks and some leaves seem to have been eaten away by something. It is kept on a south facing window and I've recently repotted it in ericacious soil and fed with seaweed liquid. It carries one fruit and one flower is growing. Can you help identify what's eating it? Many thanks. I




So sorry it's not going well for you. I had a beautiful lemon tree myself for about three years in my conservatory. Sad to say that when I repotted it, it died. They don't seem to like being repotted. However, that may not be the problem...perhaps it is under pest attack. The slightly yellow blotches remind me of when mine had red spider mite...are there any fine webs on the plant? Have a look at the undersides of the leaves. Spider mites are quite hard to see them only when they are quite bad, because they make the fine web which is what usually alerts then it is probably a bit late...sorry, but you can get sprays for them. They are seen as tiny, really tiny mind, little reddish spots on the undersides of the leaves. There are some controls that you spray on, but the best way to keep them off is to keep the air moist around the plant as they love it warm and dry. I used to keep a couple of ramekins of water on the top of the compost of did work. Might not be red spider mite though...could be something else...someone else may have other ideas....

21 Jun, 2012


Hi Gardeningquestions and welcome to GoY. Sorry I don't know what is eating the leaves as the ones you have shown in the photo do not appear to have been eaten. Lemon trees are not ericaceous and should be grown in John Innes #2 compost with the addition of 25% grit. . What size of pot is the tree in and how big is the actual tree. At this time of year it should be outside Put the pot in part-shade initially, to allow the plant to acclimatise. It is important that the roots are not baked by the sun. Bring them in again before the frosts to a frost free greenhouse or conservatory until late May when all danger of frost has passed.

21 Jun, 2012


We cross posted Karensusan!

21 Jun, 2012


That's interesting MG...I wonder if I might have 'baked my tree roots' before transplanting it? Oh well, I'll never know now, but I would like to have another go some time...I loved that lemon tree and the lemons were absolutely great!

21 Jun, 2012


Good luck with your next one, I remember staying in a self catering place in Andalucia and picking the lemons and figs off the trees - wonderful!

21 Jun, 2012


Thank you!

21 Jun, 2012

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