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how do i get rid of Bindweed?

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I would like to hear from anyone who has had the same problem as i have, Bindweed taking over one of my flower beds.I have moved all my shrubs and flowers from the bed, and need some ideas on what weedkillers work on this plant?



What I did was removed everything, uprooted the bindweed, sprayed weedkiller all over the soil, then laid matting down, put soil on top of the matting and replanted the plants. Every now and then one or two bindweed shoots will pop up and I just kill them straight away with weedol.

17 May, 2009


Put some sticks in your borders or wherever you have bind weed, the weed will climb the sticks and then carefully spray it with a systemic weedkiller. If you try digging it out you will rarely get all of it, one small piece will grow again.

17 May, 2009


Sorry but the only real answer is to dig the soil over several times during the growing season and pull out as many of the long white roots as possible. Then you need to make sure you pull out any new bindweed growth as soon as possible. It's not impossible, just quite difficult. Using a thick mulch also helps as it's easier to pull out a lot of stems and roots together.

17 May, 2009


i pull any i see until august then i allow it to grow up canes. september i spray it with glycophospate and this is taken in by the plant down to the storage stems and roots. it then dies over the winter. i have basically got rid of most of it this way. and it works on creeping sowthistle.
remove any white runners you find as you dig as the smallest bit left behind will grow. nature at its best :o)

17 May, 2009

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