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Tomato Growth ?

Derbyshire, United Kingdom Gb

My tomato plants are now nearly two feet tall. They are in my conservatory and seem to be growing too fast.They are the moneymaker variety, and I was just wondering how tall they will get, and when will they show signs of fruiting?



Leave them grow until they have about 7 trusses on them then pinch out the tops,( About 4ft) also pick out any side shoots that are growing out of the axels of the leaves when they are an inch or two long.Remove the yellowing leaves below the fruit trusses as the season goes on. Watch that it does not get too hot in the conservatory keep them well moistened regularly. Feed with bio tomatoe every time you water. To help polination give a mist spray and tap their support regularly to help the dispersal and setting of the pollen. keep them sheltered from the sun if the conservatory gets over 80deg. Ventilation is essential. Welcome the bees.

16 May, 2009


Thanks for the advice. Lets hope I get some fruit off them.

16 May, 2009


My moneymakers are about 10inch tall and starting to flower,again pinch out any side shoots and give them a good feed it worked for me.

17 May, 2009


whitbybabe- i am having the same problem! i posted similar. muddywellies on here told me to knock the feeding on the head as the soil is obviously too rich and encouraging massive foliage growth, and cut back the plants and concentrate on 4 or so trusses. seems to have done the trick! good luck!

5 Jul, 2009


I followed earlier advice and they are now outside and are covered in flowers. They seem to have picked up a lot since I took them out of the conservatory. Just wondering when they will fruit though?

6 Jul, 2009

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