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we planted a bare root pear late last year,it started to sprout very early, tried to protect it but a late frost hit it hard now branches have turned black ,have we lost it or can it be cut back to green growth and give it a chance



Has it got any leaves at all?

18 Jun, 2012


Scrape the bark on a branch to see if is surviving then if you wish let us know, if its completly dead it may be worth contacting the supplier, some guarantee their has been a difficult year for trees wit the drought and all the wet etc.

19 Jun, 2012


steragram in answer to your question not really there are one or two bits left on the tree not looking very healthy

19 Jun, 2012


in answer to pamg most of the branches appear to be dead but there is still some green on the trunk at least have now trimmed all branches back to what seems to be some signs of life,eg, a hint of green some had to go back to the trunk,so now it is wait and see time

19 Jun, 2012


Doesn't sound good but worth waiting just in case. don't forget to cross your fingers!

21 Jun, 2012


reply to steragram thank you for your help everything is crossed, going to give it 3to4 weeks if no signs of life up it comes and we will try again but plant it earlier this time to give it a chance when frosts come. sorry to learn about Herbie it can be a terrible time losing one of the family,we recently lost our collie after ten years to cancer .so we know what you are going to go through all best wishes to you and yours

22 Jun, 2012


Thank you Brian. I hope your tree recovers.

22 Jun, 2012

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