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By Treetop

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all, We are in or will be shortly in the process of moving home.
The new place has a garden approx 15 ft wide. the bottom of the garden looks on to allotments. Can someone please tell me what would be the ideal shrub/hedgeing plant to cover such an area?
We are looking for something approx one to one and a half meters high colourful and fast growing.



Pyracantha, if you don't mind something prickly and the area's not deep dark shade. Its not really fast growing, but you can find plants that are already 18 inches high without much trouble, and its not a slow grower, about average really. Can be grown as a shrub or a hedge, not much fun to trim though, very thorny.

18 Jun, 2012


I've been really chuffed with my Photinia 'Pink Marble' it's wonderfully colourful, grows fast and responds well to pruning. Evergreen and gorgeous marbled leaves of green, red, pink and white. Only one drawback really....a newish plant so still a bit pricey!

18 Jun, 2012


Or Photinia Red Robin makes a nice hedge. Go for the short stocky plants to begin with because they make a better more dense and attractive hedge in the end and grow quite quickly anyway.

18 Jun, 2012


Some of the berberis make good hedges,dense,evergreen and flowering.

18 Jun, 2012


Can I suggest Viburnam bodnantense?

It is quite a fast grower, scented flowers early in the year. Beautiful, glossy leaves that demand a soft-coloured clematis to grow through them... Available in white or (more usually), pink.

For a bushier (and even nicer scent) variety; V. carlesii or V. carlcephalum.

Easily trimmed or pruned if they get unruly. The scent of the latter two is knockout! Lovely things.

19 Jun, 2012


Thank you all, a few here to consider. Please keep em coming.
I love you lot!!!

19 Jun, 2012

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