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why do clemetis's wilt



The real 'Clematis wilt' is a fungal disease, particularly seen in the large-flowered hybrids. But wilt can also occur if planted to shallow and too dry, or damage to the stem. I have found that the large clematis of mine that wilt tend to grow out of it after 3-5 years.

18 Jun, 2012


Funny you should say that Denise, but I think I have noticed a similar pattern, with some of my type 2 clematis wilting less as they mature. Good news eh? ;)

Tamlin, I find that my clematis wilt for one of four reasons. 1. Fungal disease (which, I read, is a result of over-breeding over hundreds of years weakening the plants). Some cultivars are more susceptible than others. Duchess of Edinburgh and Miss Bateman for example, I have found to be particularly bad). 2. Slug and snail damage to your clematis stems. 3. Wind damage. Always tie in your young clematis growth really often as the wind can easily break the stems. 4. Drought. Clematis seem to like a really good drink. You would struggle to over water a newly planted one in my experience.

I've said this so many times on here I'm getting bored of my self, but if you suffer with wilt problems with your clematis, please try out the type 3 (later flowering types), viticellas, eriostemons, herbaceous types etc. as they don't seem to suffer nearly as badly in my experience. There are loads of lovely large flowered type 3 clematis now as well if you look at the catalogues.

Groupings relate to the way we prune them, for anyone who is wondering. Group 3 clematis can be pruned hard back every autumn - late winter, so you don't have to mess about with them ....easy peasy.

18 Jun, 2012

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