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Has anyone had all their beetroot leaves stripped by hungry sparrows, They then try to undo the string tying the runner bean canes.



Yes, also my lettuce. They especially like the flavour of "cut and come again"! In a past year, they've had the flowers off my runner beans too.
But I notice you're from Devon - so am I - there's supposed to be a decline of sparrows nationwide but not in Devon where's there's loads of the little blighters.
PS I do like the wild birds but not when they eat my produce!

18 Jun, 2012


Thanks, nice to know I am not alone, I have made 'cloches' from netting over wire hoops, it works and the wind and rain go straight through. It would work with lettuce as well.

18 Jun, 2012


Something's taking my beetroot when they're very small, all of them. There's no traces of slugs so I assume its birds.
I've just put 2 more rows in and have organised cover for them. I live in Cheshire

18 Jun, 2012


Haha! Despite having made a contraption with hoops, sticks and netting, they've still got under and had a tasty meal! I've seen them with my own eyes. I'm a bit worried that they'll get caught in the netting - ouch, I wouldnt want that to happen to them even though they eat my lettuce and seedlings.
Good luck anyway, I hope you get a good harvest.

19 Jun, 2012

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