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My new honeysuckle has yellow spots which are spreading over the leaves

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The leaves seem to have new growth & then quickly become covered in yellow spots & then some of them are dying, This is a 2 year old plant & hasn't flowered yet. It has berruies where the flowers should be but they are all dried up. there is abig ants nest nearbuy that i acn't seemt oshift. would this be ant's attacking the plant?



It sounds like a virus which is carried by insects, tools or fingers The symptems are yellow- spots/blotched or crinkled leaves and stunted growth, there is no cure according to the book but very few shrubs are susceptible to serious attacks. The main preventative is to keep aphids etc under controle. So it could be spread by the ants. Have you tried pouring a kettle of boiling water on the ants nest. and then repeat a few days after if there is still signes of activity.

14 May, 2009


Thanks, I have tried putting ant powder around the area as i am not sure about the exact location of the Ants nest i have just seen LOTS of them crawling around the patio nearby where the plant is located. Would it be helpful or more harmful if i sprayed the plant with anything? Also although it doesn't say so on the container of ant powder will that cause the plant anymore grief?

15 May, 2009


the ant powder will soon get back to the nest once its on the ants, i try not to use chemicals, ant powder is usually pretty much ok to use near plants presumably if it doesnt get to near the roots or in contact for long periods of time. Hopefully the ants will march off quick smart and find a new home

nettles soaked in water for a few weeks and then sprayed onto roses helps with green fly maybe this would help with ants too!

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15 May, 2009


Thankyou will try the above as soon as the rain stops AGAIN!!!! lol

15 May, 2009


Ants 'milk' aphids for the sticky honey dew that they exude. Ants on a plant are a sure sign of aphids.,

15 May, 2009

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