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Hi there. Our cherry tree had plenty of blossom this year, but there is no fruit and no buds for fruit to grow from. The majority of the leaves have holes in them & they have gone wrinkly too. There are a lot of snails around, could this be the problem & what can I do to treat the tree?
Many thanks, Anna



Hello Anna, lots of cherries this year have suffered similar fate - lots of blossom then nothing. The weather has a lot to do with it (slugs and snails won't stop your cherry fruiting though they may be nibbling at your leaves. Thrips may also be your problem?). We had a warm dry period in March and early April that brought on the blossom, but then a wet period that has persisted so that pollinators such as bees and wasps were not about and blossom did not develop into fruits. Other reasons for stoned fruit not developing are sudden severe drought during blossom (are your trees in pots?) and planting in an acid based soil. Hope this helps.

17 Jun, 2012


Hi, many thanks for your response. I can't see any sign of thrips, but after further investigation online I'm beginning to wonder whether it is bacterial canker? The leaves have brown spots which are then turning into holes and then wilting. Some are now turning black. The bark is also quite sappy in areas. Any advice on how I can treat this? I've read about pruning back the affected branches, but if I did this there would be literally no tree left!

27 Jun, 2012

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