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Dear all
Can anyone help please .I have cucumber plants growing in grow bags but they are shrivilling up ,i have already replaced 2 but these seem to be going the same way .I am keeping them well watered.Help please



If they are outside, it has been too cold for them at night and the wind and hot sun by day is burning them up. They need to be in a cold frame at least shaded during the day.

13 May, 2009


Just check that the little slugs are not knawing the stems at ground level. Put a ring of sand around them just in case. and a few slug pellets scattered around

13 May, 2009


If they are in a greenhouse, you need to open windows during the day and provide some sort of greenhouse shading - either paint or, as I have done, pinning up thin plastic sheet or net curtains will also do the trick. They need lots of water too.

13 May, 2009

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