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should i use manure on peas



Depends of how old it is. On a rotation don't peas etc. follow potatoes? If the manure is fresh I would say not but then I tend to use compost on my allotment, which is two years old. If the manure is at least a year old and well rotted it should help retain moisture if it worked in to the soil. To stop mice eating your pea seed soak them in paraffin for a short time before sowing.

14 Jun, 2012


Peas are a legume and therefore produce their own nitrogen from nodules on the roots. So strictly they don't need fertiliser. However, the 'manure' (very well rotted) would be useful to dig in to the soil prior to sowing as this will help retain moisture. You will only get a good crop of peas if the soil is fairly moist, especially immediately after the pods have set.

14 Jun, 2012


As Bertie says digging in well rotted manure prior to planting can help retain moisture but don't surface dress your peas with it.

14 Jun, 2012

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