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Kerry , Ireland Ie

I need some serious advice please. I have a passion for growing flower seeds. All along I've managed successfully with coldframes. This year I'm thinking of erecting a glasshouse. My question is if I grow perennial seeds in July this year to flower next August, will they survive the winter in the glasshouse or will I need some kind of heater. Glasshouse growing is new to me.



It would very much depend on what you're thinking of growing.
Some perennials will be happier in the coldframe, others not.
What are you thinking of growing?

14 Jun, 2012


It also depends on the weather, the two years before last we had long periods of cold here and I lost everything, last year was less severe and,my pelargoniums and osteospermums flowered right through.
Lining the windows with bubble plastic and insulating the pots may help

14 Jun, 2012


As Meanie states it depends upon what you are planning to grow.

Quite often glasshouses can get quite warm even in winter sun, this often creates wide temperature variations around the plants.

To a point the same can happen in a cold frame but the temperature variations don't tend to be as high, and this can suit certain types of plants better than others.

What are you thinking of sowing?

14 Jun, 2012


Hi everyone and thanks for replying. I'm thinking of growing Dianthus, gaillardia, geum, polyanthus and anything I can get my hands on. I have been looking at seed packets and they state all these perennials can be grown in July to flower the following May/July.

15 Jun, 2012

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