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when do i pick spinach

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i have only recently tried to grow baby spinach, at the moment it is approx 6" tall, how & when do i know when it is ready for picking?



you can pick it when you want only pick what you need to use and it should keep growing

11 May, 2009


I think you could pick it anytime now. If you want "baby" spinach than it will be the right size. You can let it get bigger and fuller if you want but spinach doesn't like hot weather, so if it is getting really hot you will want to harvest it.

11 May, 2009


I am growing spinach for my guinea pigs and pick a few leaves every day and it just keeps on putting out new leaves. It is in a shaded spot that only gets early morning sun and this stops it from bolting too early

11 May, 2009

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