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my callistemon is not flowering leaves are looking burnt



Does anybody give me some advice please on my bottle brush plant real name callistemon citrinus. I bought it last year and wen it flowered it was lovely. We have had bad winter so I trimed it back waiting for new growth but nothing. Iv cut it back but now it looks like its dying as the leaves are looking brown and burnt. like it has a desease.

11 Jun, 2012


Here in the UK they generally need winter protection so if you didn't protect them,then this could be one reason.

The other is; I get the impression you have pruned them twice when normally they want minimal pruning i.e. just enough to keep them tidy.

This pruning along with the poor weather we have had may have weakened them and what you describe is the result!

I don't think it is diseased so all I can suggested is that you leave well alone and hope that it will recover when the weather improves!

Sorry I can't be the bearer of better news.... Tg

11 Jun, 2012


Callistemons come from south west Australia and are usually found growing in very damp, moist conditions alongside creeks and river beds. So although they look a bit like desert plants, they actually like the damp. They can however withstand a bit of drought so you must be careful to make sure they aren't water logged around the roots, especially when the weather is cool.
The one thing they don't like is very alkaline soil, so it would be better to water them with rain water if you are in a limy water area.
Like so many plants, they expect their compost to be both moist AND well drained, and for it to be really warm, but not too dry! Very fussy!
I have no reason to give at all, but our Callistemon, kept in a chilly but frost free conservatory all winter, has just flowered better than for the past four years, even though we have neglected it a bit. I think it may because of the cool spring or perhaps because it is in fear of what might happen NEXT winter! Oh, and we are on extremely alkaline soil, though I do give it rainwater!

12 Jun, 2012

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