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Advice please about what to do with an aged Bottle Brush shrub that has bare wood up to 3 ft and then floppy lax growth up to height of 5 ft. It has not flowered for two or three years.

Many thanks



Erm, I think you had 3 answers to this when you asked the first time...

11 Jun, 2012


i did not see your question the first time and i am no flower or shrub grower but just out of interest . last year we had the same ,so we decided <without guidance> to cut it off and get rid i sawed it off to the ground and this year it is back and going strong maybe a fluke but that is what happened i am glad now that i did not dig it out altogether

12 Jun, 2012


Interesting, thanks very much snoop dog .

12 Jun, 2012

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