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How big do dwarf ivies eventually get to?

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I have some dwarf ivies which were supplied to me by a garden centre, which I planted into hanging baskets mixed with violas, etc. Perhaps the idea is that you throw the little ivies away after a season when the basket is spent. But I have planted one or two of them into the ground. I'm wondering if anyone knows how big these ivies will eventually get to if they mature to their full potential. Best wishes, JONATHAN H.



I don't think that these ivies ARE actually dwarf - they seem to be little rooted cuttings in a pot - several together. So the answer is that it depends which ivy they came from! I wouldn't think that they'd be very vigorous, though.

10 May, 2009


I have never heard of dwarf ivies in their own right. Are you sure they are not just young plants? With my ivy, I have both large leaved and small leaved varieties. I have not found them too rampant and am shortly due to trim one- I think you just cut them back to the size you want them. Certainly I have found my small leaved varieties are fairly slow growing.

10 May, 2009

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