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easyfill baskets how many giant and trailing fuchsias ?


By Zathras

United Kingdom Gb

Hi I have 2 x 14" easyfill baskets but just want to put giant and trailing fuchsias in on there own but not sure how many of each to put
I'm guessing 3 giant on top but how many trailing around the sides
any help please, I like a full display but not sure about fuchsias



I would say two maximum! and none lower down!

Bear in mind initially you plants might look quite small in the basket at planting time, but they will bush/spread out and you have to cater for this!

9 Jun, 2012


In that case I will get more baskets as I have plenty of plants
Would that be 2 trailing only as well or can I put more as they trail
P.s. these are the baskets with holes all around the sides

9 Jun, 2012


What you have got to bear in mind is the root systems can get as big as the tops.

Meaning if they become pot bound they become difficult to feed and water so you might defeat the object of the exercise.

I would suggest you add slow release fertiliser pellets and water retaining granules to the compost you fill the baskets with, ( prior to filling the baskets) this will help the watering anf feeding situation should they become pot bound.

Regarding more plants; at a push you could get a total of three plants in, but if doing this, what I would do is use two trailing varieties and one upright variety.

The upright variety would give height to your display and the trailing types would give width and depth!

you say; Would that be 2 trailing only as well or can I put more as they trail

Once they are planted you can NOT add more plants, as this process will disturb the roots of the earlier planted plants,to do so, might check the plant growth, and subsequently flowering, so defeating the object of the exercise!

Personally; I think a more open aspect of planting, is more effective, than plants that are crammed in just because you have plenty.

So do as you say....get more baskets!

9 Jun, 2012


Thanks for that
Wasn't sure about the root system but now I understand thanks for your help

9 Jun, 2012

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