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planting agapanthus from Madeira

North Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I bought 6 agapanthus back from Madeira 1 weeks ago and have already got new growth plus a flower bud emerging from 1 rhizomes. My question is how deep do they need to be planted as thay are 6-8" long and blanched for most of the length. I intend to use pots and live in NE England. Should they go in the greenhouse for a while?
thanks for any advice



~I have mine outside in pots and they are all growing new leaves but I am in Swansea and we have not had any frost in a while~why not put them outside if warm enough during the day and return into the greenhouse overnight until you know they are ok.
The large ones have been outside all winter but I have covered them with plastic domes or fleece as we have had temperatures down to -6 or so.I also have 4 tier plastic greenhouses with a fleece liner and the small ones have spent some time in there although unheated.
Yours may have more of a shock coming from a warm climate to a cool one and you may need to mollycoddle them for a bit!.
Good luck!

9 May, 2009

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