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please can you help--my mum asked me to post this question, she is an experienced gardener but she bought some plug fuchsias ealier this year, the plants are getting big but only 1 of about 13 has any flower buds--what is she doing wrong??



Provided they look healthy, without distortion or obvious problems, most likely its down to the weather conditions this year - fuchsias particularly seem to be suffering, my hardy ones in the garden look rough this year compared to other years.

8 Jun, 2012


Agreed, the cuttings I grew last autumn have buds but the young one I got from Wilkos this year is showing no signs yet. Just wait a few weeks and they should burst into action. It has been horribly cold for them.

8 Jun, 2012


Mine are slow too 80s.

8 Jun, 2012


non of mine have buds yet. I also reckon its the weather.

8 Jun, 2012


Only 2 of mine in bloom the rest no sign and are slow growing in need of heat .

As they need rain water and feed they also need some sunheat like as all.

8 Jun, 2012


Agree with all of the above. Slow start. Fingers crossed we get some sun (rain OK through the night to save us watering). Keep on feeding them as well if not already doing so.

8 Jun, 2012

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