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First of all I would like to thank everyone who helped me sought out a problem I had with my blueberries, it was a big help.
Because of the help I have received in the past you may well be able to sought out this minor thing for me. I have started using
Comfrey as a fertilizer and have some left from last year, its about 6 months old would you know if this o.k. to use? I assumed yes
but you never know.It is a problem though to know how strong it is, some say mix it with water x 10 times others 15 times, can
anyone be more precise.
Thanyou John JT



I say 10 to 1

See here;

I have also heard some people say that it should be the same colour as weak tea!

8 Jun, 2012


It would depend on how strong the infusion was in the first place, ie how much water to a heap of leaves. Perhaps the weak tea is a better guideline. Better too weak than too strong.

TeeGee I see the site you quote says it is high in potassium. As sulphate of potash is so expensive this year I wondered if the dried leaves would still be useful if kept until next spring as I like to put it on my gooseberries but this year baulked at the price asked.(Sorry to muscle in on your question John)

8 Jun, 2012


Not sure about that, why not bottle some undiluted fluid then dilute it when you require it!

8 Jun, 2012


I don't see a problem with using last years comfrey tea, added to water. i have had some goo's left over from previous years that I water the veg container with, before and just after planting the veg. I always use the ratio of about 100ml to a 10 litre watering can. Towards the end of the season when I no longer need to make more teas, on the last but one harvest of the comfrey leaves, I mulch my best plants with the fresh leaves under leaf mould. The last lot goes on the compost heap.

9 Jun, 2012


Wouldn't have thought of saving the tea. If it doesn't go off I'll give it a try.

9 Jun, 2012

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