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how do u take cuttings from roses



The usual way is to take hard wood cuttings in the autumn, and bury these in a narrow trench, ideally with drainage improved with sand. Bury all but the top few inches of the cutting with a few buds above the surface of the soil. These will root over winter and start into growth the next spring. However, you want them to establish a good root system during the next summer so leave them in place until that autumn before transplanting them.
You can also do green cuttings from roses if you take some shoots without flowers, or from which you have removed flowers, and put these around the edge of pots filled with a gritty compost, or a 50-50 mixture of perlite/vermiculite and compost. Stand the pot initially in water in a slightly shaded warm spot (in a polytunnel is ok) and mist the leaves two or three times a day (more if you can), with a hand mister. They should start to root after a couple of weeks, and then just tend them until the roots start to show at the bottom of the pot. Then you can very carefully repot them into compost and grow them on. I have just done that with some Rosa rugosa cuttings.
Green cuttings are very difficult to keep from drying out in hot sunny weather, so the misting really is the key. I've tried plastic bags over them but I find this often leaves to moulds and rotting.

8 Jun, 2012


I took green cuttings last year (1st time for me) and they all survived. I took the cutting, trimmed just below a leaf
node dipped into rooting hormone powder, put about 3 cuttings to a large'ish pot,watered and then covered with a plastic freezer bag and popped into the conservatory and they rooted within two weeks, I just used ordinary multi purpose compost.

If I can do it any one can!

8 Jun, 2012


Same here Jennyh, Aloha, Ballerina and the Fairy - all doing fine.

8 Jun, 2012


Would it be bad etiquette to help yourself to cuttings from neighbours, if plant could be accessed without entering garden, say from pavement? How many years does it rake for cuttings to he am established plant?

9 Jun, 2012


thanks for help. rose bush was from garden clear out, house owner destroyed every thing to ground level.

9 Jun, 2012

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