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Moving a Tree Paeony

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I have a tree paeony that has been in my garden for about 3 years and is about 4 feet tall.
It has flowered quite well this year but i really want to move it to another part of the garden.
I know autumn is the best time to move them,but if I remove a large root ball and water well,will it survive a move at this time of year?



It might, it might not... unfortunately the only way you will find out is by moving it. You will need to have a very large rot ball and water and feed regularly right through the summer and into autumn. Moving now will stress the shrub even if it survives. I'm amazed your tree paoeny is already past flowering - ours are only just coming out.

9 May, 2009


Yes,it is just finishing flowering.
I know its really not a good idea to move it now but its really outgrown the border it is in.Its a small garden and I really need that border for summer flowers.
Dont want to lose the tree peony though as I have a good spot that it could occupy.
Really wish I had thought about this back in autumn!

9 May, 2009


If you have foliage near the base you could cut the main stems hard back to low buds to reduce the stress of the move, doing as Moon grower says - it does mean you will probably sacrifice next year's blooms.

9 May, 2009

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