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Can anyone identify this please?

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

I love the almost purple leaves amongst all the green. I think it has a tiny yellow flower. Can't find it in any of my books - another weed maybe?




Lysimachia ciliata 'Firecracker'. Spreads like crazy if not kept strictly under control.

8 May, 2009


I am intrigued Wagger, I have this plant had it for a number of years it grows about 18" high with a tiny little yellow flower on the top, of interest mainly for the leaf colour. I had seeds given me so Have never had a title for it. So I looked up Lysimachia in my books and failed to find it and could not see any likeness to the other I looked up fire Cracker on the internet and lo and behold there it was. Thanks a lot, problem solved, but quite different from the more common ones.

8 May, 2009


I have this - it's on my photo page recently, I don't like the yellow flowers. I wish it would stay as a great foliage plant!

8 May, 2009


Yes, Lysimachia. I recently got a rooted cutting from a friend who has it growing like crazy round her pond margin. Like you, Spritz, I think that the yellow flowers spoil it - I'll be deadheading mine. :-)

19 May, 2009


I'd be all day doing that if I started, David, as they grow all the way up eack stem - and there are a lot of them!

19 May, 2009


I'll do it for you when I drop by, Spritz! :-)

19 May, 2009


You're on, David! - got to keep the visitors happy and busy!

Hey, wouldn't it be funny if you started pulling flowers off in front of the County Organiser who DOES go round the open gardens! LOL. I wonder what she'd do??

19 May, 2009

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