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I am just about to buy a garden arch to go straddle the steps up onto my driveway at the front of the house. It south facing so gets very hot. I would like a clematis or two, any ideas on the best sort for south facing gardens that will climb sufficiently. It is quite exposed at the front of the house, so although it gets very hot, its also going to be open to the elements too. Advice please?



Is this what you had in mind?

NB - don't see that very often.

6 Jun, 2012


Most clems like their heads in the sun, and shaded feet. You'll need to cover the root area with slabs or something to keep them cool.

You could plant an early-flowering type, and a later one to give you lots of colour over a longer period. The group 2 clematis flower twice, and the viticellas have a good long flowering period. The best and most reliable viticella I know is 'Etoile Violette' - purple.

The only caveat is that group 2 clems only need a light trim in the spring, but viticellas should be cut back to buds at about a foot high.

7 Jun, 2012


Smorgie, thanks for getting back to me, I will have a look at what you have found. Yes Salop, very old fashioned, I haven't heard it for a while either. I was surprised when I saw it referred to as that on the pull down list.

Spritzhenry, Really good advice which sounds like something I will probably do, obviously the flowering twice is great for longevity which is something I would really like as its right at the front of the house. Thanks.

7 Jun, 2012


You're very welcome. :-)

7 Jun, 2012

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