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Why isn't my Japanese Pittosporum blooming??


By Jfran

Fulton/Georgia, United States Us

When I bought it 4 years ago it was in full bloom. It has now grown into a huge, healthy bush, but has not bloomed since. It gets a little pruning late each spring (past the bloom time) and is absolutely beautiful, but I bought it for the intoxicating spring scent of the blossoms. This year I noticed just a few blooms deep inside the plant, on growth over 2 years old, not enough to give off any noticable scent. Why isn't it blooming on the newer growth? It's in a perfect location and is otherwise gorgeous.



You may have answered your own question. 'It flowers on growth over two yrs old' and 'pruning late each spring'. Try not pruning at all so you get more older wood. If you need to reduce its size, take out 2 or 3 branches down low and don't 'hedge cut' prune it.

15 May, 2009

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