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How does one get rid of a cape fuchsia,got out of hand whilst i worked abroad,now some 8ft high grows through fences,sheds,and even concrete,tried weedkillers sold in garden shops

On plant phigelius



Prune down to ground level all the stems you can find. then any new growth paint with glyphospate weedkiller. repeat the weedkiller every 2 weeks.
if there are any stems that have rooted then dig them out if you can. it will need plenty of elbow grease I am afraid.

6 Jun, 2012


thanks seaburngirl,but digging out is a problem wheelchair bound.

6 Jun, 2012


ah I see your problem Halfpint. Continued weedkiller on young fresh growth will work especially august/september as the plant starts to go dormant for the winter.

6 Jun, 2012

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