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By Linjm

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can i plant a nectarine tree in place of a victoria plum which died this year.



Depends on what your plum died of!

If the ground is suspect then I wouldn't advise it.

Tell us how your plum tree died and we will take it from there!

4 Jun, 2012


it was ok in the early spring with plenty of growth and masses of blossom. the fruits set then it just started dying off from the graft up leaving a rusty colour under the bark. the rootstock seems to be unaffected. thanks a lot for any help

5 Jun, 2012


Your plum tree is of the Prunus family and the nectarine is Prunus persica, same family. So as already said, it is a bad idea to plant a tree or shrub in the same place as one that has failed. Having said, if you are set on planting in the same place, then I would use 'Rootgrow' to set up a barrier when planting.

6 Jun, 2012


thanx for that i'll plant it in a new patch just to be safe.

6 Jun, 2012

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