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Banana Plant


By Mattykk

United Kingdom Gb

Bought banana last year - 2008 - had a good year and covered for winter with plenty of hay and fleece. In April he came through shooting ok but seems to be stalling and changing colour. Looks as if he is struggling to come through. Outer old base looks tough and I get the feeling he can't quite develop as there's so much packing him in ? The inner first leaf has died I believe or got too cold with unsettled weather ? Photo attached... Please help. I cant rememer the varity but I think Ensette Maurelli rings a bell. I live in Ditchling, East Sussex so quite a tough winter 08/09... Thanks, Matt

On plant Ensette Maurelli




I think your banana plant would have survived if you could have brought it indoors and treated it as a house plant.
I have kept one for four years and although it looks stunted compared to banana plants growing in warmer climates than ours,it is an attractive plant.

At this moment my plant has four babies all about 2" high..Last year it also had babies which I cut out.This year I will try taking them out and growing on.(I also give it a drink of water from the top middle of the plant.) I am keeping it indoors all the year round

7 May, 2009


Hi, I have grown 2 of theses for 4 years. They always looked dead when you take them out of there winter covering. Just put them in sun, feed well with horse manure, water well, with weeks your second leaf will look really green

8 May, 2009

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