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When should I prune my honeysuckle? should I do it after its finished flowering? Its starting to get a bit out of control but I dont want to ruin it as its been in a few years and it smells so lovely in the evening



It depends on what sort of honeysuckle you have Cooky

Honeysuckles flowering on the current season’s growth, such as Lonicera japonica (Japanese honeysuckle), do not require regular pruning. Control the growth by cutting back any overlong shoots in spring. Also thin out congested growth and remove weak or damaged stems.

Honeysuckles that flower early in the season, on short side shoots on the previous year's growth, such as Lonicera periclymenum (common honeysuckle), should be pruned back by about one-third in late summer immediately after flowering.

1 Jun, 2012


Thanks for asking this, have been wondering same x

1 Jun, 2012

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