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I have 3 gooseberry bushes which I purchased 3 years ago

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They are in the ground, kept watered and fed, no flowers in the spring, pruned back end of the summer



Hi Clayton and welcome to GoY. We need some more info to try and help you - are your gooseberry bushes in a pot or in the ground, are you keeping them watered if you are in a drought area, are they actually flowering in spring, have you been pruning them and, if so, when?

1 Jun, 2012


They are best pruned in February, and given a dressing of a high potash fertiliser to encourage flower formation.
Tip back the side shoots to a few buds - fewer buds left will give larger fruit, more left should give more but smaller fruit. Tip back the ends of the branches and take out any really old wood and any branches which are crossing, to leave a good open bowl shaped bush.
Drastic pruning in summer will encourage new green shoots which will not fruit the following year.

1 Jun, 2012

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