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I have planted potatos in last years blighted tomato patch. They are still fairly small and have not yet flowered- is it poss to lift these,remove the soil and re-plant to a disease free area.



I would be inclined to leave them now. I would spray them regularly with Bordeau Mixture to keep a coating on the leaves. Keep your eyes open and remove any suspicious leaves.

1 Jun, 2012


Blights are caused by air borne spores. The spores do not live in the soil, they live in left over potato tubers and do their nasties when conditions are right. No potatoes before therefore no problem.
They can survive in tomato seeds also so in theory any seeds from infected tomatoes left in the soil could cause a problem. But if you got up and destroyed all your infected stock then that wouldn't be a problem either. Actual soil is not therefore the problem.
So i'd say you would be alright.

That doesn't mean you'll get it again though because as i said it's an airborne problem.

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1 Jun, 2012

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