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Aubrietia x cultorum 'Red Cascade' - Did I plant the seeds wrong?


By Fenicia

Sweden Se

I would be really grateful for an answer! I'm so anxious to know if I planted the packaged seeds wrong!?? I just threw the Seeds over the wet Soil in my garden. I DIDN'T follow any Planting instructions! ..I watered the soil (sandy soil) and added a natural fertilizer, and then threw 6-packs of Aubrietia x cultorum 'Red Cascade' Seeds over the soil. Do you believe it will grow well and wide next spring/summer, or I should have followed specific Planting Instructions? and should I always keep the soil wet? ..please help, thanks!

On plant Aubrietia x cultorum



You may be lucky and find some seedlings, if so, wait until they are a bit bigger and thin them out.

Really, they should have been planted in trays as per packet instructions, then pricked out individually.

4 May, 2009

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