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Do i need to re-pot my new golden dragon tree straight away?


By Nikkij

United Kingdom Gb

I have just bought a beautiful three stemmed golden dragon tree from B&Q. I have a lovely black ceramic pot for it but at moment its sitting happily in the normal plant pot that it was bought in in the shop. Would you just sit the pot its in in the ceramic pot for now or would you replant the whole thing straight into the ceramic pot?



It may be better to leave it in the pot you purchased it in as I can imagine it may not have been in it long! Any plant has the likelihood of going into shock when re-potted so should only be done when necessary. The way to check is to look underneath at the pots drainage holes. if you see no signs of root growth protruding from the holes then it hasn't been in it very long. If there are just a few small fibrous roots showing then it is time to start considering it's next home which is either another pot, 20% bigger than its current one or planting it in the garden. If there are a large amount of roots knotting out of the drainage wholes then it is time to move urgently as it is getting pot bound and the roots are in imminent danger of attack or disease. When re-potting try to gently loosen the roots that have grown around against the pot by tapping the root ball. This will enable the roots to thin out in it's new home. Good Luck!

8 May, 2009

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