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Lavender hedge


By Sjw

gloucestershire, United Kingdom Gb

I was thinking of planting a hedge of lavender alongside a walkway under a pagoda. This week we have had quite a lot of rain, the soil is still rather wet especially a spade's depth under, I don;t know whether the lavender would survive a winter if the soil stays wet. Are there any other simular plants that would thrive in this condition, does box. We have recently moved and the garden is full of shrubs that have done well, but soil is clay and the water table quite high. Any ideas as I don't want to plant the lavender for them all to die in the first winter.



hi sjw,
if you use lavender it needs a sunny condition and has to be pruned every year otherwise it will get leggy. unsure about planting conditions, but it is grown locally and the soil is clay.

4 May, 2009


If it's that wet I would suggest you dig in loads of grit whatever you plant. Box will take partial shade and heavy clay soil but I would still add the grit.

4 May, 2009

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