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Camellia leaves going reddish

I have two camellias which I bought in January and potted on at the time (into ericacious soil). They didn't flower but have just got new leaf growth in the last two weeks.
One is out front - nw facing - the other is out back and is in the sun from about 10am til 3pm
The leaves on the one out back started verdant green and are now getting a slightly red/purple tint. this plant has been watered in the hot weather. The one out front has the verdant, pale green leaves and hasn't been watered. Neither have been fed anything since Jan and we live in a chalky area but I water from the butt not the house.
My question is - do I need to move either and/or water them more/less? Is the leaf colour normal or not?
If it helps I can post a photo.
Many thanks!



Most likely the sudden intensity of sunlight after weeks of dull, cool weather - sounds a bit like sunburn on the leaves. Note that Camellias should not be kept short of water, particularly in pots - water when the surface of the compost is dry to touch.

29 May, 2012

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