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found a large moth or butterfly on one of my plants ,never seen anything like it before,About 2 inches beige black colouring,when i touched it it sent out like a large claw,anyone any ideas please.took a photo on my phone but it didnt turn out



Poplar hawk moth?

27 May, 2012


it does sound like a hawkmoth. were its wings folded [butterfly]like hands praying or flat [moth] like plane wings?
the claw thing was probably its tongue or proboscis to give it its posh name.

28 May, 2012


thanks Seaburn girl,its wings were folded like a bird ,i have never seen a moth so large,someone said it could be a privet moth ,we are surrounded by a privet hedge although this moth was on a small potted bush

28 May, 2012

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