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ivy on the side of the house


By Bobski

United Kingdom Gb

the whole of one side of my house is covered in ivy and it is stuck fast to the brickwork, is there any way of killing it off before it does any structural damage



You would have to cut the ivy off at the roots. The suckers on the house will naturally die off then. But, they'll be stuck fast and you'll have a helluva job pulling them off, but it's the only way that I know of.

I had to do this last year to my house. It still sprouts from the roots even now, so I keep it chopped down.

2 May, 2009


Try not to remove it until it has all died, it will then come off easier and not damage the plaster on the wall. If you try and remove it as soon as you cut it you are in danger of damaging the plaster. It won't look very beautiful but save a lot of expence!!

2 May, 2009


Cut the ivy about 1 foot up from ground level, cut off with a clean cut the large root end of the ivy. Drill out a hole in the top, pour in total weedkiller, S.B.K. or sodium chlorite. Plug the top of the hole with putty. Do not try to take the ivy off the wall, it will be messy for some time, but will pull off easily when dead without damage to the wall as Telme and Llew said.

2 May, 2009


We had to kill an ivy on the wall of our house, and we have left it there for about a year. It is now easy to pull off . It did look awful, but it was worth it.

2 May, 2009

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